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    The company participated in the 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition return fully loaded
    文章作者:  添加時間:2015-11-17

        In October 26th, the 2015 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition organized by the China Agricultural machinery circulation association, the China Agricultural Mechanization Association, the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, was held successfully in Qingdao International Expo center. It is understood that this exhibition has come from China, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa, more than 60 countries and regions of the 1900 companies to participate in the exhibition, the audience more than 120000 people.
        The exhibition company to the latest development of wheat, millet, soybeans, corn kernels, a variety of machine, corn combine harvester, corn combine harvester, ear stem and receiving machine, such as 10 kinds of new products to Chinese and foreign merchants. Since the opening of the exhibition since, Ninglian companies, such as customers, in a continuous line. On the spot, the new product of the combine harvester has attracted many domestic and foreign customers. Many domestic and foreign merchants and experts visited the company's products and listened to the products.
        Through this exhibition, the company issued a total of more than 10 domestic and foreign merchants promotional materials, received more than 200 domestic and foreign merchants, more than 30 new dealers, the initial purchase intent signed nearly 200 million RMB.

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