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    Company to participate in the 2015 China Agricultural machinery industry's annual awards ceremony
    文章作者:  添加時間:2015-11-17

        October 27th, 2015 China International Agricultural machinery exhibition period, by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, China Agricultural Mechanization Association, China Agricultural Machinery Circulation Association organized by the 2015 China Agricultural Machinery Industry annual awards ceremony held in Jimo, Qingdao. Shandong,, the company has won the "2015 China Agricultural machinery industry's annual award for product innovation award".
        4YZ-6 self -walking type Maize/Corn harvester can complete the corn stripper, threshing and cleaning, the collection box; adopts hydraulic CVT 4WD driving system, realize a rod operation; fusion liquid light mechanical and electrical integration, the realization of automatic monitoring, alarm and other functions; ear picking platform dial Wo Long Chain and large opening, for lodging and transverse ridge harvest effect is obvious; threshing cylinder with longitudinal axis flow nail tooth type threshing and separating device, broken rate is low; widening type cleaning sieve with stepless variable speed wind machine and a secondary rethreshing device, grain cleaning cleaning. Replacement of cutting table, can complete the harvest of wheat, rice, millet, soybeans and other crops.

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